2018: New Year, New You!

We are a few days into 2018.  There is a flood of 2018 New Year’s Resolutions posts; some sharing what their personal goals are, some complaining about how people never keep them.  Either way 2018 is here and it’s a great time to reflect and get ready for an awesome year.

I usually make very detailed and long New Year’s Resolutions/Goal lists.  Most of the were too high of a goal that they are unattainable, a few were feasible but almost all of them were not executed.  My attempt this year is to make only a few goals that are broad enough that they can be done everyday.

I will make another blog post going into detail about each of the goals but here is a quick rundown:

  • Be more bold and passionate about my Christianity
  • Finish my doctorate and graduate (finally!)
  • Have true and meaningful experiences to share on social media
  • Find a nice balance of work and home life

What are some of your new year’s resolutions/goals?  Although it is a new year to start anew, I believe each day is a new beginning or fresh start.  We will stumble and mess up but don’t give up.  Keep working it out and you will see progress over time.  Here’s to 2018 and to having a “New Year, New You!”

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