It is the middle of winter break with the holidays all around. I sit here on Christmas Eve typing this blog post reflecting about a disturbing trend I have come to realize recently. This trend is one that significantly gets worse as the students age and progress in their studies. I have worked in various grade levels, from elementary and now in college, and I am sad just thinking about it.

This disturbing trend is the decline of gift giving for teachers. At Christmas time, elementary school students come all dressed and festive to class with gifts for everyone in tow, including the teacher. I remember getting candy canes decorated as reindeer from various students at this level.

Even at the middle school and high school levels students would be all fun and bring goodies or cards to school. But the frequency, quality, and quantity of gifts lower each year as they near the age of adulthood. Now at the college level, it seems like teachers are being ghosted. Sure, college students show different ways to show their appreciation but a gift card to Chili’s ain’t bad either.

My guess is that parents of young ones are trying to spread joy and cheer through their kids. Maybe it’s a way to giveback to the teachers since they are with their kids five out of seven days a week. Maybe its easier to get gifts for your one or few elementary teachers as opposed to your several middle school, high school, and college teachers. Maybe my students just don’t have money to spend on anything other than their new iPhone 12. I write this post all in good fun but if my students ever read this and want to get me something that would be cool too.

In closing this satirical confession, I leave you with the words of NSync “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”


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