Confessions of a College (Percussion) Professor – #1

In an attempt to be more active on my website I am starting this blog series of random thoughts I have as a college percussion professor. They will sometimes be funny, sometimes serious but I hope enjoyable to read. So here goes nothing.

College perks

Before teaching at my current job at Northwestern State University, I taught high school band for a few years in Orlando, Florida. It was an awesome job with amazing students and great community support. I saw myself being content spending the rest of my career there if I never landed a college teaching gig.

But there is one major difference that I noticed once I stepped foot onto a college campus as a professor that I did not have as a high school teacher. Hands down the best thing about teaching college after teaching high school is the ability to use the bathroom whenever I want. Going from teaching seven class periods back to back with no planning period and only a short window for lunch, I had to regulate my bathroom breaks to fit the bell schedule.

My college teaching schedule is still pretty jam packed but I can schedule my own applied lessons so I have time in between. Also, I can tell my lesson student that I need to run to the bathroom real quick. You can’t leave a class full of high schoolers unattended.

Lastly, my office and teaching studio are right around the corner from the bathroom. It is a pretty quick trip there and back if I need to go in between lessons. My teaching studio actually shares a wall with the men’s bathroom and if you’re paying attention you can hear the toilet flush.

More random thoughts on my life as a college percussion professor coming soon!

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