Confessions of a college (percussion) professor – #3

This fall semester is finally in the books but it is one definitely for the books. I feel lucky that my teaching load and schedule didn’t really change despite all the COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. I was able teach all my classes, ensembles, and lessons face-to-face but there were still many challenges. I write this blog post as a reflection for the semester in hopes that next semester is better.

My semester ended with listening to two days of juries from my applied lessons students. I totally understand that the hardships due to COVID and having two hurricanes hit our area affected things but several of my students were not prepared. I know my students struggled with their online classes but since their lessons were “business as usual” I expected different results; I expected better results.

I feel like I failed my students. I want to make sure they are prepared for whatever career path they choose but this year has challenged both me and them. As I sit here typing this blog post I promise to do better for them. I will look for find better ways to teach and motivate them so they always strive for their best. I don’t want them to settle for mediocrity.

As I reflect and prepare for next semester, I remembered a press conference speech given by Tim Tebow back in 2008. The speech is about 30 seconds in length but its impact can still be felt; even to me a college percussion professors in 2020. You can watch it below but I want to do the same for my students. Tebow begins with an apology before continuing with a promise: “But I promise you one thing. A lot of good will come out of this…”

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